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By presenting a yard pond falls in your garden both style and also ambience could be achieved to your general landscape design. Individuals enjoy to listen to the melody of water cascading by waterfall or streaming through water fountains. A steady comforting background sound could alleviate tension and also offer a secluded retreat. Aesthetically there is no better picture compared to a completely rushing falls cascading into a vivid yard pool. A garden pond falls could be mounted in the majority of back yards and extra features like water fountains or pond aeration can be easily added. Think about the endless charm of a yard pond waterfall by including lilies, lotuses, irises, papyrus, water hyacinth, as well as water lettuce. Including Koi fish to your yard pond falls will just boost your back yard having.

Water’s inherent recovery as well as safeguarding homes alone are advantages enough to attract one to produce a yard pool waterfall. The idea to develop an exotic haven including tranquil sounds of moving water is genuinely therapeutic in itself. There is a calming visibility which is offered any sort of atmosphere when outside waterfalls are applied. In today’s globe, eliminating and also minimizing tension go to the center of our times as well as definitely ponds and also waterfalls could help peel off the tension we live daily. Once we are completely unwinded the body is able to reconstruct, regrow and also regroup.

A pump is needed to activate your garden pond falls which will certainly recycle the water with the pool to keep the water moving and avoid stagnant water. Via our links at ponds-and-waterfalls we supply kits consisting of preformed pools, electrical pumps with filter, tubes, fittings, etc. These packages have actually acquired very innovative and also could even appear like stone like frameworks for a really amazing appearance. Typically you can discover both immersed fiberglass and also plastic pond frameworks which will certainly suit your needs. Preformed pool starter sets start at concerning $100. The pond lining supplies greater flexibility to fit in the ground over its fiberglass counterpart. The fiberglass preformed pool, nonetheless, supplies greater toughness and also toughness for lengthy use.

Adding fish to your yard pool falls is an excellent idea however bear in mind that you will should maintain algae and germs levels. Along with having include chemicals as well as nutrients to keep your fish healthy, you will certainly also should keep the water temperature level right around 60 levels Fahrenheit. Incorrect temperature level could frequently cause mayhem to a new proprietor of Koi fish so employ a professional especially if this is your first strategy to producing a yard pond falls. Pending winter environment in your area, you could additionally need a heating unit to keep the water cozy in the cold months. Sometimes a de-icer might be required. Ponds-and-waterfalls again recommends the use of an expert to handle the addition of fish. Bear in mind that although you have a closed device you still need to make up birds of prey (hawks, eagles, and so on) which are external to your device. A stone overhand or floating log in the water is recommended so the fish can conceal in the shade to readjust for possible killers.

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Lawn Care Maintenance Schedule

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Conserve water in landscaping – The Topsail Advertiser

Conserve water in landscaping for a water-efficient landscape conjures visions of a yard filled with rocks, sand and cacti, but in reality water efficient landscapes do not need to look like a desert. Following are several steps you can take to increase your water efficiency …

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Any tips for starting a lawn care business in Montreal?I am planning on starting a lawn care business in Montreal. It will be a partnership with me and a friend. He will handle the field services, equipment maintenance and the labour while I will handle the administrative part as well as the marketing.

I have a degree in business administration so managing the business will not be a problem. My partner has a few years of field experience and can do quality work.

We will be investing 5000$ in the business (we already have a pickup truck).

I would like to know if you guys have any tips for us, or know any mistakes that we should avoid.

Posted by Du3list
Every year, many new entrepreneurs throw their hat into the ring and start up their new business. A large majority of these businesses are going to fail within the first year for few simple reasons. Knowing what these reasons are can help you look out for trouble, avoid it, and move forwards. For those that fail to read about the lawn care industry, they will more than likely find big trouble ahead and not know how to deal with it. Let’s look into this further.

90% of new lawn care businesses fail each and every year. The reasons why they fail may seem simple to you once you read this article yet it seems the simple reasons always trip us up.

Reason number 5
Checking in on our top 5 countdown why lawn care businesses fail in their first year is that they simply don’t keep track of their records. If only more new start up mowing and landscaping businesses utilized some sort of lawn care business software that kept track of their mowing schedules and helped create monthly invoices, they would be so far ahead of the game. The reason it seems most start ups don’t bother with this is because they think they don’t need to. They think they can create a system, save some money, and do it all in their head or on a few sheets of paper. The truth of it though is, they simple can’t. After your customer count is greater than a handful, you will start getting mixed up and will lose important information.

Reason number 4
The next step up in reasons why lawn care businesses fail is that they don’t have a constant cash flow. Invoices tend to get out slow early on when you don’t have a system in place to handle it, so therefore customers get their bills late. Then they tend to pay late. This ultimately leads to a lawn care business owner getting paid for work they performed 6 to 8 weeks later. Such a lag time in payment can lead to business failure for the simple reason that you run out of cash. Instead of billing late, these landscapers should be billing half their customers mid month and the other half at the end of the month to improve cash flow. Another option they could utilize is pre-billing at the beginning of each month. Or better yet, getting lawn care customers to pre-pay for their entire mowing season at a discount.

Reason number 3
They try to utilize consumer grade lawn care equipment that was designed to be used by a single home owner, for a single lawn, each week. Instead, these new start up mowing business owners, use this equipment 10 to 20 times more than it was ever intended to work. Over using such equipment leads to constant breakdowns. These equipment breakdowns lead to slower service, which then leads to unhappy customers that cancel service and move on to other service providers.

Instead of using consumer grade lawn care equipment, professionals need to use commercial grade mowing equipment that was built to last.

Reason number 2
New business owners don’t have a support staff so they don’t have someone to answer their phones. When you don’t answer your business line, the new potential lawn care customer, is going to simply call someone else until they get a human on the other end that can give them what they want. Even if you try and call back the person within an hour, such a lag time usually is too late.

Reason number 1
Lack of start up funding. You would be amazed at all the costs associated with starting a new lawn care business. From licenses, to insurance, to equipment, to lawn care marketing. Each and every step you take early on to get started will cost you double what you expected. To combat this, new business owners need to save up more money before they get started and create a realistic lawn care business plan before they get started.

I hope these top five reasons why new lawn care businesses tend to fail has opened your eyes and got you to think about the steps you need to take to ensure your new business can succeed where others haven’t.

If do monthly lawn care for customers,what most would think of mailing an estimate in mail to check yes or no?If are soon going to be doing aeration and seeding, fertilizing for the autumn…and want to make it easy for them to get an estimate,,,by 1. Sending them one without their asking in the mail (maybe with their monthly bill or just seperately ) 2.. Puting a square with “yes” and a square with “no” at the bottom of estimate for them to mail in with a stamped, self addressed envelope included

would most find this “weird” or strange for a small business…especially a lawn care person to do this? (if send them monthly bills every month it isnt that strange is it?)

how this would make them more likely to want to do the work instead of calling them…and talking over the phone and asking them? How leaving a message on their voicemail asking would be much more inappropriate than sending them an estimate in the mail with a stamped envelope and a check for yes and a check for no to select and just send in?

Please explain what you can..btw, any other lawn care services do this? (especially the small guys?)

how it is better than the “sales person” approach where you call them to “Work out a deal”?


Thanks for your answers!

Posted by ☯Tao☯
Sending the estimate with the monthly statement is a great idea! I’m not so sure about the boxes, though. They might work, otherwise you can put:

As you all know autumn is almost upon us, to keep your lawn looking it’s best, we recommend the following treatments: Aeration, fertilization, and re-seeding. If you would like to schedule this with your next lawn maintenance, please give us a call. (you should also explain the benefits)

You might consider adding this into your regular maintenance routine, so that you don’t need to schedule it separately. What I mean is, when you get a new customer, explain the monthly charge, then explain the other charges throughout the year for the seasonal maintenance. Your customers will understand and appreciate it.

As far as the existing customers, you should send them a letter stating that you will be adding the cost of seasonal maintenance to their autumn billing, which will include the following: Aeration, fertilization, and re-seeding, and that this will be an annual charge.

I like the way you think! Good luck, hope this helps!

When do you schedule your lawn maintenance?For people who have a company come and mow their lawns, when do you schedule the service for the next year? If you could tell me the month or range of weeks where you try to schedule your lawn guy for next year this would be very helpful. If you could also include where in the country you live that would be great too. Thanks!! (I am trying to find out when I should be talking to potential customers, because I am starting a new lawn care buisness)

Thanks Again!!!!

Posted by Josh D
Talk to people NOW don’t delay. I’m in Florida and one wasted day means money here. If you are in the snowy regions start to work in the early spring when the snow melts. If you are here where we need care all year round get busy..We have a guy show up every 2 weeks.


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Wise Business Plans is Helping Lawncare Companies Capitalize On 2014 … – PR Web (press release)

Wise Business Plans is Helping Lawncare Companies Capitalize On 2014 …PR Web (press release)According to IBIS World, an increase in construction for 2014 will also drive up the demand for lawn care services as the year progresses. Wise Business Plans, one of the leading providers of business planning services in the country, is announcing …and more »

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How do I charge for lawn care service.?How much should i charge per acre of yard i have to mow.Should it be 50 dollars an acre ( depending on how rough the terrain is)

I’m just looking for some far pricing scales. I am wanting to start my own lawn care service.

I have the equipment but I’m unsure on how i should Bill clients.

I figured i would offer:
Weed eating
Rubbish removal
Hedge trimming
landscape design

I have my associate degree in drafting and design. For the landscape design i would charge .35 cent a square foot. Depending on size of project.

Posted by Benjamin R
Lawn care pricing is tricky. Really depends on where you’re working. For instance, you may have a customer in a really good part of town who is willing to pay a hundred dollars for a mow and trim, and another customer less than a mile away in a not so good part of town who will only pay twenty bucks for a mow.You have to know your customer base. My recommendation is to take this approach: “We offer a lot of different levels of lawn care, sir. What amount do you usually budget for your lawn care services every two weeks?” Let the customer price themselves. (After you ask your question, be quiet while the customer talks himself to a price.) From the price the customer sounds comfortable with, you can judge how much work you’ll be able to do.

For instance, if he says, “I usually pay twenty dollars,” you can say, “Twenty is great. That’ll cover a great mowing job. Did you want to add trimming around the walks for an extra ten?”

You’ll grow into your price schedule over the course of a couple of seasons.

Good luck! – Stuart.

How to get commercial property for my lawn care service?Hello my name is Joe . I want to open a lawn care business this summer around jun i want to know how can i start to get commercial property for this summer so they can call me.. I know to get residential property just by going door by door but how to you get shopping centers and stores .. I’m a collage student trying to get some cash this summer for collage.. Thanks ALL THE HELP CAN BE NEEDED THANKS JOE.

Posted by Joe
Check with your town business licensing department and get that in order. Make sure you also have insurance to protect against claims and law suits. It’s not very expensive.Next, Create a cheap website or blog that explains what you do. offers a 5 page site for $50.00 . Google offers a free blog called All you need are a hand full of pictures, what services you offer, a little bio about you and your rates etc: to put on the site. Next, advertise the website on It is free.

Check out your competition and see what they do. Sending out flyers is EXPENSIVE. You can put flyers on car windshields with caution. Not every business appreciates the litter. Create business cards and start handing them out. Ask small businesses in the neighborhood if they’ll let you put up a flyer on their wall or somewhere else.

Stop by realtor’s office and ask if they will let you put some business cards on their shelf with the other cards. Offer them a realtor discount if they send business your way. When realtors sell a house they sometimes give a gift to the new home buyer. Offer the realtor a cut rate price so they give one lawn service as a gift. That will give you the chance to meet the new home owners. Also, check the new home sales in the newspaper or MLS. They will be looking for a lawn service. Offer a senior citizen discount. Seniors are on a fixed income and always appreciate a discount.

Start a facebook business page and a twitter account.

Finally tell all your friends and family to send business your way.

Good company name for a neighborhood babysitting, lawn care, house sitting, and poop cleaning service?I really need some help just for some creative names.

Posted by Connor
Well you do offer a lot of services, and mostly those are done with out government assistance [taxes and burdensome regulations designed to destroy your business]. CONGRATULATIONS for showing a better Entrepreneur Spirit. I assume that you might be a young but certainly not stupid teenager.
Or maybe you are disgusted with our current economic depression, { thanks presidents bush and Obama } and want to solve your own problems. Being poor is not a sin, nor a crime but accepting that as your condition, should be both.
You have the tools to achieve what ever you try. But if you fail to try, success never shows.
I favor something a bit out of normal boundaries here, as you will provide more than 1 service, but they do over lap and are directly related into just 2 categories. You sit in the house either the children or the home, and lawn care [mowing trimming] and the Fido poop scooping, is also about the same type of service.
Home, child, lawn, and dog services…[maybe you do dog walking too ?]
I do like ” Golden Retriever Conciergerie Services, which allows for a dog logo [ I am sure I got the spelling, but check. A concierge is a go to solves all problems person, for guests at upscale hotels. Tickets cars reservations dry cleaners, what ever the concierge has an answer] or maybe City Concierge services. Or Four Leaf services or concierge, where you have a leaf for each of the 4 services you can provide who knows this might be the way you pay for college and grow it in to a fortune.
Good luck.

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Fake lawns: No water, mowing or fertilizing. Ever. – Herald Net

Fake lawns: No water, mowing or fertilizing. Ever.Herald Net AstroTurf was used in the back yard of the “The Brady Bunch” house, but that didn’t stop Marcia or Greg from pushing the lawnmower to cover up the true nature of their grass. Chittick said quality and designs have improved in recent generations of faux …and more »

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Home Maintenance Tax Breaks?Things like:
1) weekly lawn care
2) hiring someone to paint your house
3) hiring a full-time houskeeper, wouldn’t this bring tax breaks as an employer?

Any other ideas to lower tax liability for a home owner?

Posted by willnd
1 weekly lawn care – no.
2. Hiring someone to paint house – no.
3. Hiring a full-time housekeeper – no, and you would be probably liable for the “nanny tax.” Be careful with that one, and if you do, follow the rules.

As someone suggested, starting a home based business can qualify you for taking SOME expenses, but you have to follow the rules for the business deductions. The area of your home has to be used EXCLUSIVELY for business, no cat bowl or dirty laundry allowed. And the business has to have a profit motive, or the IRS will reclassify it as a hobby, and you will end up paying back taxes, plus penalty and interest. This means usually you have to make a profit three of five years. And if you sell the house, you pretty much recapture everything you saved in taxes. Works better for a renter. If you “sell” your house to the “corporation,” you could lose your house. Be very careful of such a scheme.

Lawn care reciepes?

Posted by corajean992000

See if K-Mart still sells a book called Jerry Baker’s Lawn Book. If they do you’ll find more info on lawn care ( including lots of home recipes ) than you would believe.

How do I fix my lawn without re-sodding?I just bought my first home, and one of my projects will be to fix my lawn. It’s just not been cared for much by the previous owners. There is grass, but its not full and healthy. Also, the lawn is a bit spotty. According to my neighbors, we have a problem with sand, and grubs. I live in Michigan. Thanks!

Posted by Tony Piccoli

You say the lawn “is a bit spotty”. If that’s the case, you may not want to till the whole thing under. You could cultivate the bare areas either with a small tiller (not a big roto tiller) or a garden rake – I’d probably recommend tilling just to make sure you loosen the top 2-3″ of soil. You can rent small tillers from a garden center, home depot, or an equipment rental store – you’d need something similar to a Mantis tiller. Just ask for a Mantis and they’ll probably know what you want. After you cultivate, seed the areas and apply a starter fertilizer. You could also consider applying some type of mulching material to the areas after seeding and fertilizing to protect the seed and help keep it moist. Straw is probably the cheapest option but can contain weed seed. There are manufactured mulching products you can buy for this purpose as well. If the areas aren’t that big you could probably even get away with lightly covering the seed with soil. In any case, you’ll need to make sure that you’re keeping the seed/seedlings moist – lightly water them a couple times a day. If the sand content is so high that it’s difficult to maintain a healthy stand of turf you could consider tilling the whole lawn and incorporating more organic matter as others have stated but from what I know about soils in Michigan (I live in Ohio), I doubt that is really necessary.

To increase the fullness and vigor of your lawn, you’ll need to begin a fertilizing and air-ifecation program. You actually probably still have time to make a late fall application as long as the ground is not frozen which I wouldn’t think it is yet although I guess it possibly could be in northern MI and the UP. Fall fertilization is probably the most important fert app you can make because of its effect on root growth, carbohydrate production, and winter hardiness. The Scott’s Step program is great for homeowners because it basically tells you when and how much fertilizer to apply and also incorporates most of the necessary herbicides and insecticides at the appropriate times. The only glaring omission from the Step program is a grub presenter and you mentioned that grubs are a problem where you live so you would need to apply a grub presenter sometime between late May and July. I know that’s a pretty big window but it depends on the weather and if there other insect pests that are problematic in your lawn as grub presenters typically will also pick up a lot of other common lawn insects. I know products with the active ingredient imidacloprid are readily available to homeowners and are very effective when used correctly. You could also consider having a lawn service create a program and apply the fertilizers and other chemicals for you. As far as aerification, you should consider aerifying at least once a year in the fall (some people think spring is better if you’re only going to do it once a year but I disagree for a number of reasons that I won’t get into here) but if your lawn is in really bad shape you could do it twice a year (spring and fall) to possibly help it fill in a little quicker. This will alleviate soil compaction and allow more oxygen to get in to the root zone which will result in deeper, healthier roots and will allow more water and nutrients to get into the root zone.

It’s probably a little too late to seed now so you’d probably be better off waiting until spring however late summer/early fall (probably early to mid August in Michigan) is by far the best time to seed. Depending on how bad your lawn is, you could consider following a fertilization program through the spring and summer to see if that helps things fill in a little better and then seed the areas that are still bare next fall. If you do seed in the spring, you would not want to apply most pre-emergent herbicides (spring is commonly when crabgrass pre-emergents are applied) because they will prevent the seed from growing. The only pre-emergent herbicide that can be used in conjunction with seeding is Siduron (that’s the chemical name – not sure off the top of my head what brand names are available to homeowners). Siduron is not quite as effective as the other more frequently used pre-emergents in my opinion but it’s an option.

Adequate irrigation and proper maintenance will also do wonders to help your lawn fill in and stay healthy. Try to avoid removing more than a third of the grass blade when mowing (i.e. If the grass is 3″ high, your mower should be set no lower than 2″) and leaving heavy clippings laying in the grass. Try to also avoid mowing when the grass is wet as this can cause scalping and heavy clipping build up. Maintain your lawn at no lower than 2″ as most cool season grasses (which are the types of grasses that grow in MI) under a typical maintenance regime will not tolerate lower cutting very well. Lastly, make sure your mower blade is sharp – a dull blade will tear the leaf tissue which can stress the plant and will make it more susceptible to insects and diseases.


How to Plant a New Lawn with Estate Lawn Care Experts and …

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Scott’s Lawn Care

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ScottsMiracle-Gro to Present at BMO Capital Markets’ 2014 Farm to Market … – Wall Street Journal

ScottsMiracle-Gro to Present at BMO Capital Markets’ 2014 Farm to Market …Wall Street JournalAbout ScottsMiracle-Gro. With more than $2.8 billion in worldwide sales, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company is the world’s largest marketer of branded consumer products for lawn and garden care. The Company’s brands are the most recognized in the industry.and more »

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Marketing tools for Lawn Care business..?I have already made up some business cards. I am looking for websites where I can order Free notepads, calenders, pens..ect.

Thanks for your suggestions..

Posted by angelalee76
Angela, I use a lawn care business for my home. I don’t have suggestions on notepads, etc. However, as far as determining which lawn care provider to use, I like one-to-one marketing instead of Scott’s or Chem-Lawn. I prefer receiving information in well-written mail piece or even left in door of my home.

Lawn Care help!(read below)?Okay so our lawn is not the best, and we need something to help make it better
we have used scotts turf builder last season, but it did not help really
our lawn is not horrible but there is some blank spots near the edges of our front lawn
so what type of fertilizer and seeds should we buy
and how often should you cut and water your lawn during spring/summer to keep it healthy
and what can you do in the winter to keep your lawn healthy
please recommended any products to use as well as tips!


Posted by sd1(AKA Professor Chaos)
Stick with Scott’s Products,, it will yield results as time goes by.. Use the turf builder as recommended and the weed and feed, etc, ( there is a 3 step Scott’s program for lawn care )
Lawn height should not be too low, scalping will cause burning and desease, plus a weak root structure
I keep my lawn mower setting at 2.2″ , When you see your grass getting leggy, it’s time to mow,
Watering is essential, timing is crucial to good lawn health. The rule is, Water in the early Morning hours, and Mow in the later part of the day, towards evening., A lawn grass should never be put to bed wet, ( that will cause problems and encourage slugs.
In the late Fall, over seed with Rye Grass, after the last mowing.

I highly recommend de-thatching the lawn and also Aerating it as well to loosen compacted soil.Do those two thing before anything. Thatch build up will inhibit any fertilizers or seed from reaching the soil. Good Luck.

Tips on mowing and taking care of the lawn?

Posted by jd
A lawn needs a few things to grow the two factors that you have control over are water and fertilising. You need regularly water your lawn and the best way to do this is to use a automatic sprinkler. You will find that lawns (and also plants) will look and be a lot more healthy if they are watered at regular intervals, just like we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner around the same time every day. Your lawn will need a surprisingly small amount of water.

The second factor is feeding your lawn. Your lawn needs a balance of fertilisers and natural material to look its best be the the healthiest it can. There are heaps of products on the market, a trip to your local home depot will confirm this. Just like humans lawns don’t want to eat the same foods year in year out.

What to do?
Use two different fertilisers each year, one such as Scott’s lawn food to replace all the nutrients that the lawn has absorbed from the ground. The second fertilizer should be some type of manure this will introduce more of the organisms that the lawn needs to break down the nutrients already in the ground.

There are many different types of mowers on the market from the cheap to the expensive. There are a couple of things you should be mind full of when buying a mower.
Firstly make sure its easy to use by selecting one with a quality engine.
Secondly make sure it has larger wheels so that it is easier to push around the yard. Ball bearings in the wheels will make the mower much easier push. You will really notice the difference in ball bearing wheels after a couple of seasons, the mower will still be as easy to push as when you brought it.
Thirdly, Make sure that you get a mower that has four blades underneath. The reason being that a mower with two blades will not “cut” the grass but “bash” and break it. If you look at the tips of newly cut grass they will be green, looking at newly bashed grass they will be brown and your lawn will look sh*t.

FOURTHLY!!! If you want an awesome lawn that does not fade during hot and dry weather and fill with weeds when it does rain buy a mulching mower, they will cut the grass so fine that it falls to the bottom of the lawn and is absorbed by the ground. It does two things 1) acts as a mulch to retain moisture 2) acts as a fertilizer.

If you follow these instructions you can have the best lawn in the street just like m

How to Re-Seed Your Lawn with Estate Lawn Care from Blain ……

Lawn Care Information

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Fire danger a concern – FH Times

Fire danger a concern FH Times*Don’t let debris and lawn cuttings linger. Dispose of these items quickly to reduce fuel for fire. … The state forestry agency or county extension office can provide plant information. Fire wise landscaping and plants list are also available on the …

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Where do I find information relevant to starting a lawn care and landscaping service?Basic start up costs, materials, and information on the proper steps to needed equipment and various other things related to starting this type of business!

Posted by msria1979
This article from the Arkansas Department of Development has a lot of good advice & information about starting a lawn care business:


From the article:

Most entrepreneurs considering opening a lawn care/landscaping business begin as a one-person operation. This is considered the low-end scale of the start-up costs ranging between $5,000 to $7,000. If an individual is capable and inclined to hire employees in the beginning, start-up costs on the high-end are approximately $35,000; this is with one full-time and one-part-time employee. Below is the percentage breakdown of the average start-up costs….. (see the article link for the rest).

Lots more in the article. I suspect other specific costs will have to do with the area of the country where you’re opening your business. Cheaper in rural area, more expensive in some urban areas.

Your local library may also have this book: Lawn Care Service- Entrepreneur Magazine’s How to Start a Lawn Care Business (from the Carnegie Library web site mentioned below)

Tips on starting a lawn care business?Me and by brother were thinking of starting a small lawn care business for the summer, in our service we would do the lawn cut weed-wipping and finish by using a leaf blower for the clean up of the driveways and walkways,

how much would you pay for the service that we would have? (the lawn area in most of the houses are 3,000 square feet)
what the lowest amount you would pay and the highest?

We would advertise by giving the houses in out area a flier a paper advertising our service.

What are some information should we include in the paper?

Will our regular push mowers last very long if they are used daily?

How many costumers should we expect for each day?

We live in around Cleveland Ohio and the average salary that these homeowners have each year is anywhere from about from $50,000 to 100,00

Posted by
Save the trouble of the leaf blower usage by weed whacking before u mow. All the grass u displace goes on lawn and you can bag it up with mower.

Get small push mowers with commercial engines, which are designed for more use than residential mowers. Honda is reliable.

Price of jobs should be based on how long u spend there. Always get 20-30 dollars per hour to cover labor and repairs plus travel.

Ad – mention free estimates, reliable, quality service etc

keep this in mind — people with decent houses may do lawn them self if they are in a certain age range

most of my customers are over 60 or have other issues like weight or allergies

hope it works out for ya.

Where can I find information about taking care of my lawn?I have been searching the internet trying to find information about lawn care. I want to know what type of supplements to put on it to make it as green and pretty as possible.

Posted by
Information about lawn care on the internet is quite abundant so it can be difficult to find the most relevant information to what you are looking for. There are some basic things though that you can do to help keep your grass as green as it can be. One thing for sure is to give it a daily watering, this can be done using a sprinkler if you have one…and be sure you do this after the sun as gone down quite a bit to avoid burning your grass. Other information can be found at various places online.

How to Repair Bare Spots in Your Lawn with Estate Lawn ……

Lawn Problems

Rush, Meadow, Ornamental Grass - Free image - 348481

Preventing drainage problems in and around home, lawn – Daily Herald

Preventing drainage problems in and around home, lawn Daily Herald(State Point) Drainage problems in and around your home are not just an eyesore, they can cause costly damage, health issues and “surprise” repair costs in the future. “The causes of excess water and flooding are numerous, and nearly every part of the …

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How do I solve this lawn mower problem?The Smith family has two lawnmowers, one old and one new. Here is a table for how long it takes each son to mow the lawn using each lawnmower and working alone.New Old
Johnny 2 hrs 2 hrs 30 min
Jimmy 3 hrs 3 hrs 40 min

How long does it take them working together:
a. If Johnny uses the new one and Jimmy uses the old one?

B. If Johnny uses the old one and Jimmy uses the new one?
Just a quick FYI-
It took Johnny 2 hrs with the new lawn mower
and 2 hrs 30 mins with the old

It took Jimmy 3 hrs with the new lawn mower
and 3 hrs 40 mins with the old

Just for clarification. Thanks again!

Posted by JNic
I’m going to switch everything to minutes.Since Johnny takes 120 minutes using the new mower he can do (1 / 120) of the lawn per minute with the new one.

I’ll now just list the combinations

Johnny – New (1 / 120), old (1 / 150)
Jimmy – New (1/180), old (220)

So Johnny using the new and Jimmy using the old mow (1 /120) + (1 / 220) per minute

Likewise Johnny use the old and Jimmy the new mow (1 / 150) + ( 1 / 180) per minute

Now we just have to add up these fractions to see which combinations mows the most lawn per minute.

(1 / 120) + (1 / 220) (lcd = 6 * 11 * 20 = 1320) total (11 / 1320) + (6/ 1320) = (17 / 1320)

(1 / 150) + ( 1/ 180) (lcd = 30 * 5 * 6 = 900) total (6 / 900) + (5 / 900) = (11 / 900)

Now it’s calculator time:

(17 / 1320) = 0.012879
(11 / 900) = 0.0122222

The first method mows more lawn per minute, so Johnny should use the new lawnmower and Jimmy should use the old lawnmower.

Johnny using the new mower and Jimmy the old mower will take 77.6471 minutes.

Johnny using the old mower and Jimmy the new mower will take 81.8181 minutes.

Lawn Mower Problem?I bought a Lawnmower about a year ago. I tried to start it today for the first time since last Fall. It wouldn’t start. So I checked the air filter, it was good. I checked and cleaned the plug…it looked good. Still wouldn’t start. I drained all the gas out and put new gas in. Now, it starts, but only runs for about 3 or 4 second then stalls out. If I prime it again, it starts, then stalls again after a few seconds. It keeps doing this. I tried emptying the little bowel below the carburetor, and then re priming…still , it starts, then stalls. The lawnmower is only a little over a year old. Do you have any ideas what the problem might be?

Posted by docksrocks
The problem is the carburetor is plugged up. You need to clean it. The best way is to remove it, take it apart, and soak in in a good parts cleaner. Put it back together with a rebuild kit. You can get the rebuild kit at most any small engine shop.
Lawn problems?There are a bunch of tire marks in my yard because we park cars in my yard for football games
and we need to get our yard back to normal
how can we get our yard fixed and flattened out?
The normal roller filled with water doesn’t flatten it.

Posted by helppppp
First of all never “roll” your yard. The problem you are having is a result of compaction of the soil in the tire marks. Compaction is the number one cause of turf dessication, thinning, and death. By rolling the area around the already compacted tire marks you are only increasing the area that is compacted thereby adding to your problem.My suggestion is to thoroughly aerate your entire lawn. Depending upon your climate wait til spring. Aerators can be rented from home improvement stores or rental stores, or aeration is a service most lawn care companies perform. After aerating fill any low spots, such as the tire tracks, with topsoil, and lastly over seed with an improved turf grass cultivar and fertilize the entire area . Then get on a regular aeration program. For high traffic turf areas (parking cars counts as extremely high) aerating twice a year (once in the Spring and Fall) is recommended. Continuing to over seed and fertilize after aeration in the fall isn’t a bad idea either.

Whatever you do, avoid compacting the soil in your yard. Like I said it’ll eventually kill out your turf, and if it’s bad enough, cause issues with larger trees and shrubs as well.


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Green burials: Earth friendly even in death

Green burials: Earth friendly even in death. It’s early spring, and the lawn’s blueberry bushes and wildflowers have yet to bloom. But inches beneath the grass lies an eco-revolution — 19 bodies, some of … For cemeteries and funeral homes, going green is simply bad business. “Cemeteries need …and more »

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Home Remedy to repel or kill Fire Ants?Is there a Good way to kill Fire Ants other than buying Pesticides from the store. More concerned about the Ant Hills in the Yard.

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Fire ants do not have the ability of eating solid foods so it is hard for them to eat grits then die…There really isn’t a good home remedy that is truly effective and safe for you and the environment. The cheapest remedy is any general insecticide, even diluted down in half of label rates will kill out the mound by drenching them with a gallon or so…the easiest treatments are to use the products that attach ti the garden hose, treat any mounds then remove from hose and store until needed again..Ortho’s Fire Ant Powder is effective, just stinks to high heaven while storing it. The problem with the home remedies is that they can do more damage than products that were developed to use in a lawn setting. (boiling water will sterilize the soils, kills the vegetation it comes in contact with and is hazardous running boiling water out to the yard while it is still hot enough to kill the ants) You can actually chase fire ants away from a mound with just water, but what looks like success is just them abandoning the mounds an d you now have several new mounds sooon to show above ground.

Flea problem on lawn?I am looking for something that I can put on my lawn that will prevent/get rid of the fleas. I want something that will not harm my dog though. Preferably something that isnt very expensive. Any home remedies or insect control? Thanks!

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I would probably use a 10 or 20 dust. It a white powder get at garden center. You can use a spreader and please use a mask on a non windy day and cover your yard thinly with the stuff. In 24 hours you can water and work it in the ground.
See first link. There are sprays and insect killers you attach to your garden hose and spray. Might want to go to your garden center- hardware store or home depot lowes and bring magnifying glasses if have hard time reading instructions and warnings on bottle. And it will list what it kills and space being treated in yards. I myself get the mix your own poison and a good sprayer and mix my own in the sprayer and go around and spray directly. Time consuming but to me yard for yard it cheaper. Least i think so. I usually use that ortho bug killer. For about 10 to 13 dollars sprayer cost 10 to 20.00. But my last sprayer lasted 2 years. After done rinse sprayer well and place spray end in a plastic bag and rubber band around it to keep it clean. Try to keep debris out of container and it will last. Well that’s my thoughts on it take care and have a grand day Dave.

GOPHER PROBLEM !!!!!?Ok my house is next to a vacant lot. I have a gopher problem and i dont know how to get rid of them. I have tried to smoke them out, water them out, Gopher pellets (poison) and those electronic devices that are supposed to be a repellant, and so far none of these have worked, after i preformed them the gophers are not seen for a few weeks but then they return, does anyone have any advice !!!
Yeah i have a Rottweiler !!! He has killed one, but it’s not like they are wanting to socialize with him !!
Ok how about something that not harmful to my kids or pets !!!

Posted by The PC
Gophers or Moles: Pests Either Way
by Clyde Turner on 2/15/2010 2:22:54 PM
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Are you finding tell-tale signs that you’ve got some new underground friends? Here is some information that might help you out and save you some future work repairing your lawn.

Gophers or Moles?

Gophers: leave lateral tunnels that are short and gently sloping. They will generate piles of earth around them, too. The main tunnel has no dirt around it but will be marked by well trimmed plants.

Moles: love to eat underground insects, grubs, and worms. They can also burrow several hundred feet in one night! These creatures leave endless raised ridges in the lawn around their burrows and huge mounds of dirt.

FACT: Moles are voracious eaters. They can eat half their body weight in food every day.

Here are some myths about ridding yourself of these critters:

1. You can flood them out. Not only is this not water wise but it’s not true. They will just build new tunnels in the earth that you’ve just softened up for them.

2. Block all exits. Good luck with this! Remember they DIG burrows; they’ll find a way out.

Home Remedies Worth Trying


1. Place fish heads, human hair, or large animal fur in their tunnels.

2. Place used kitty litter in the tunnel.


1. Put thorny branches (rose, barberry, etc) in their runs. Some people use shards of broken glass. The reason behind that is because moles are incapable of clotting their blood, so even a slight cut means death to them.

2. Used kitty litter.

3. Juicy Fruit gum (nu-chewed). Cut the gum into pieces and place every foot or so in the burrow. They HATE the smell.

Still Not Sure What Your Creature Is?

Use this clever concoction to get rid of either of the pesky burrowers:

1 cup ammonia
1/2 cup liquid dish soap
1 cut castor oil

Combine in a 20 gallon hose end sprayer and soak the runs and burrows.

And if all else fails, I offer Mole Patrol; an earth friendly, sprayable mixture that when applied to the yard and watered in, will drive them away every time.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!


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Lawn Care Maintenance

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New Year Resolution: I’ll Mow My Own Lawn

It has been a year since we bought our new home on an acre-shy lot. I am not a particular fan of gardening over my life so far, and hence for most of last year, I had conveniently outsourced the yard work to my gardener for $330 a month, including tax. He is a good young man who bought an established lawn care business and does adequate work. I even introduced him to our neighbor across the street, from whom he won the lawn maintenance business too. By November we mutually agreed to pause the service until grass will grow again in March. I also sent him a Christmas gift card for appreciation.
March has come with a heart burning message from my gardener. Two weeks ago, I received a new proposed contract requesting a price hike of almost 50%, to $490 a month for year-long service.
I know I had a good deal in only paying $330 a month for my big yard — I did some comparison shopping earlier in 2013 and I was quoted anywhere between $450 to $600 for comparable services. This young gentleman was just resetting his service to the current price round.


Green Leaf Lawn Care– mowing, tree service, spring cleanup, gutter cleaning

/Green Leaf Lawn Care– mowing, tree service, spring cleanup, gutter cleaning … Green Leaf Lawn Care is a brand-new business for all of your lawn care maintenance needs. Kris and Chris, the owners, have grown their business out of their experience with lawn care, mowing, and maintenance in the Cottage Hills area. We’ll cut the …and more »

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Lawn Maintenance name?I’m 15, In NC, My name is Will and starting my little yard maintenance business. I will Cut grass, weed-eat, Bag leaves, blow off, edge, trim, shear, rake leaves, hoe weeds, etc… I want a nice name to draw attention, maybe something that goes with my name, and a slogan maybe? Help?

Posted by
Well, how about something like “WILL do it all lawn care & grounds maintenance”…? Then as a slogan you could say something like “Where there’s a WILL.. There’s a way!”

*shrugs* lol I hope that’s not too corny. But since you’re name is Will then it might be catchy.


Lawn care/maintenance……..?I live in NJ. Put in fall seed a few weeks ago, and it is showing good results. Is it too late (cold) to put down more fall seed, or should i put down a winterizer?

Posted by peter m
Did you put down a seed started fert when you put down the seed? If so don’t put anymore fert on until spring. If not you can still put on a seed starter fert. It’s much better than some winterizers. Your tech at your L&G center can help get the right one.

If you put down enough seed the first time you don’t need to reseed. If you have bare spots in the spring, reseed then. Too much seed makes too many plants and there’s so much competition that they struggle. Better to use the recommended amount and let them fill in naturally or with fertilizer.

Are there some good websites with info about lawn care/maintenance in South Texas? (just north of Houston)?I’m new to the south, and need to learn more about lawn care. Can anyone recommend some general tips or informative sites that can help me with lawn care?


Posted by
No website, but I am in the same type of climate zone and will pass on our experiences.

I can recommend St. Augustine. It is low allergen compared to other grasses and it grows throughout the south very well – including Houston. It is a soft, wide blade grass, with a wonderful dense mat – read that as cool to the feet. It is fairly drought tolerant. It will go dormant in the winter, but greens up pretty quickly once the spring comes. Other low-allegern grasses are Rye and Blue Fescue – but, I have no personal experience with these. I think that the fescue is a cooler climate grass and will not do well with the drought-like summers of Houston.

If you have allergy problems, avoid Bermuda grass. It is another popular southern lawn grass. It survives the climate well though.

Bahai (spelling?) will grow like a weed, but it develops seed heads so fast that you will feel like you can never keep up with mowing. We have this grass intruding on our St. Augustine from the creekline. The St. Augustine will look like it doesn’t need mowing yet, while that Bahai will have 12 inch stalks with seed heads swaying in the breeze. Bahai is grown a lot around here by farmers who like the rapid growth for hay making. Yard owners consider it a pest grass.


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Free Patio Designs

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Questions and Answers

I’m looking for free patio design plans. Were can I look on the net?

Posted by vbrown5634
[display_name id="1"]If you don’t want to take the time to search the net, go to any Home Depot, Lowes or even a place they sell magazines. They have many, many plans. I wish I would have done that before I had mine built, because I am not happy with it.

Brick patio?Where can I find some cool designs for a brick patio? I want to build one. It will be 12×12. How difficult would this be?

If you’ve built one before please share your experience. Thanks.

Posted by Belize69
Here is the answer !

Don’t just automatically trust that if you pay some contractor to do it, that it will be done properly; some ARE experts who do great work and SOME AREN’T good or knowledgeable or don’t care but to get your money and enforce some image of their company. With proper information, YOU CAN either do it yourself, perhaps even better than a “pro”, OR hire a contractor who will do it right because you know how it should be done properly, and you can set the specs and supervise it.

THE best most professional information you can get is from this brick association website, full of technical notes on any topic concerning bricks, including proper installation of pavers on a patio, walkway, driveway, walls, etc…You will get informed as well as the best professional installer.


Oh, and if you install clay bricks on the ground, make sure they are “paver quality”, — in frosty areas they need to be “frost-proof” a higher density clay that won’t get damaged from freezing and thawing. Frost-proof clay pavers are beautiful full shade of colours that will never fade and never need sealing.
Concrete “interlock” pavers are less expensive to start, but colours gradually fade. Some of those have interesting shapes too. Some Patterned Concrete looks great when its new, if its done right, but problems will develop even on good ones, and it won’t look good at all later.

For patterns, this webpage has the best bunch illustrated anywhere:
the best bunch of paver patterns and designs ! Wow !


Can you give some website or forum about landscape garden design?Thanks.
The website or forum about how to design landscape garden will be great.

Posted by Flying Pig
Better homes & garden has a free interactive landscape planing website. You’ll have register to log on to their website (You don’t need to buy anything or subscribe to their magazine).
“Plan-a-Garden lets you design anything from a patio-side container garden to your whole yard. Use your mouse to “drag-and-drop” more than 150 trees, shrubs, and flowers. Add dozens of structures like buildings, sheds, fences, decks — even a pond.”

Good luck! Hope this helps.

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